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 **Basic Tutorials**\\ **Basic Tutorials**\\
   *[[tutorial:​Syntax|Syntax]]   *[[tutorial:​Syntax|Syntax]]
-  *[[tutorial:​VariableAndConstant|Variables and Constants]] 
   *[[tutorial:​VariableAndDataType|Variables and Data Types]]   *[[tutorial:​VariableAndDataType|Variables and Data Types]]
   *[[tutorial:​ProcedureAndFunction|Procedures and Functions]]   *[[tutorial:​ProcedureAndFunction|Procedures and Functions]]
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   *[[tutorial:​LoopStatement|Loop Statements]]   *[[tutorial:​LoopStatement|Loop Statements]]
   *[[tutorial:​Array|Arrays]]   *[[tutorial:​Array|Arrays]]
-  *[[tutorial:​Record|Structural Type (Record)]]+  *[[tutorial:​Record|Record ​and Object]] 
 +  *[[tutorial:​Class|Class]]
 ---- ----
 **Advance Tutorials**\\ **Advance Tutorials**\\
-  *[[tutorial:​ProceduralType|Procedural Type]] 
-  *[[tutorial:​OOP|Object Oriented Programming]] 
-  *Compiler Directives 
   *[[tutorial:​GUI|GUI Applications]]   *[[tutorial:​GUI|GUI Applications]]
   *Standard Controls   *Standard Controls
   *RTTI Controls   *RTTI Controls
   *Components and Packages   *Components and Packages
 +  *[[tutorial:​ProceduralType|Procedural Type]]
 +  *[[tutorial:​OOP|Object Oriented Programming]]
 +  *Compiler Directives
 +  *File Handling
   *[[tutorial:​genericandtemplate|Generics and Templates]]   *[[tutorial:​genericandtemplate|Generics and Templates]]
   *[[tutorial:​DLLLibrary|Shared Libraries]]  ​   *[[tutorial:​DLLLibrary|Shared Libraries]]  ​
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 ---- ----
 **Useful Techniques**\\ **Useful Techniques**\\
-  *Useful Hot-Keys+  *[[tutorial:​HotKey|Useful Hot-Keys]]
   *Save/Load Data Using TFileStream   *Save/Load Data Using TFileStream
 +  *[[tutorial:​PrintDataUsingLazReport|Printing Data Using LazReport]]
   *Excel Automation   *Excel Automation
   *How To ...   *How To ...
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